Tuesday, March 4, 2014


No- not Miami LOL!

But those things that just get a grip on you and you fight to let go of.  The definition of it is a bad habit and that's exactly what it is.  I don't "celebrate" Lent.  In fact, I can't recall ever giving up anything for the 40 days leading up to Easter.  However, recently I have found myself referring to one of my habits as a vice.  I have heard myself say, "I can't have chocolate, I don't smoke, I don't drink- this is my one vice."  When I realized what I was saying it made me stop and pause.  What is that vice (is it bad to admit there's three of them)?

Guess what, I KNOW they are not good for me.  I KNOW I drink entirely way too much of them.  And I KNOW I have been using that "vice" thing as a crutch to not give them up.  When I refer to something as a vice- it's almost as if I am saying- well, it's okay- I'll let it go.  And I know this a big stretch- but an analogy is that I do the same thing with sin- it's okay, I'll let it go.  If I continually drink something that I KNOW is not good for me- all I am doing is harming my body.  If I continually sin or do things against God that I KNOW is not good for me- I am harming by relationship with God.  My body was created by God and FOR God.  I need to use it to the best of my abilities and allow Him to work through me and IN me.  

So, for me- that's what these 40 days are going to be about- letting Him work IN me.  To recognize that when I crave that sweet, that caffeine- to go to Him with that craving.  To crave Him more and self less.  To recognize that He is the LIVING WATER (ummm… HELLO that should be all it takes) and will fill me and quench my thirst.  To let go of something that I feel like I HAVE to have every day and realize that He is all I need on a daily basis.  So, while not officially participating in Lent- I am working on giving up that which has become a vice/a habit more important to me than water and giving up control.  In no way shape or form do I feel this comes close to identifying in his suffering (although without my caffeine there may be suffering LOL) but it's one thing I am holding on to that is not good for me.

If you have stuck with me through my ramblings thank you!  If you have any tips that help you when drinking water (I can't add stuff to it- I just don't like it) great- please share them!

And, if you entered my DVD giveaway on my post from last week, I will have a winner tomorrow (I have been sick- yes again, this time with an upper respiratory and sinus infection).  


Niki said...

Have you read Made to Crave? I started the Proverbs 31 online bible study and discovered my "permitting" myself to eat bad-for-me food. I am working on it but it is definitely a work in progress. I'll be praying for you!

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Are you trying to hint? Twice you had pictures of what I have given up now for over 2 weeks. That's right ladies and gents! I have not had a Diet Dr Pepper for over 2 weeks. No pop whatsoever. No chips except for 3 yesterday afternoon after not eating lunch (due to dentist visit). No fries. Has nothing to do with Lent. Has everything to do with health and control. I do add Arnold Palmer sticks to my water from time to time. See you in a few weeks!