Thursday, February 13, 2014

Strawberry Plains 10K- recap

Last Saturday (February 8) I decided to participate in the Strawberry Plains 10K (there was also a half marathon but that wasn't happening last weekend…).  That was supposed to be 6.2 miles of "flat" (and flat in East TN does not mean the same thing it does in Indiana or Ohio).  Flat in East TN means rolling hills-LOL!  Anyway, crowded to start on an open course but crowds eventually thinned out.  I kept a pretty steady pace of around 12:20 (my first mile was faster and my mile 5 was slower) throughout the whole race which I was happy with.  I do want to get back a little faster but I know what I need to do first- that will come- it's not coming as quickly as I would like but it will come (and this LONG LONG LONG winter is not helping matters any).

The main thing I want to remember about this particular race is encouragement and the importance of it.  

First- before the race- I ran into several friends.  One of whom is a marathon runner and was doing the half marathon.  I told her I was "just" doing the 10K.  She informed me that I should never say "just".  And, when I stopped to think about it- she's right- so I am going to be working really hard on taking pride in my accomplishments and not saying "just" and "I am slow".  Others I ran into were friends that I have done several races with and also a friend who is a cancer survivor.  He's very much an inspiration and his enthusiasm is contagious!  I also ran into a FB friend that I finally had the chance to meet (briefly) and watch others being encouraged by those around me before the start.

Listen to the cheering voices

During the race- It was an out and back race so saw several people I knew as they were headed back which was very cool and encouraging as we could cheer for each other.  When we hit the turn around point I went about a mile or so and started having issues with my app on my phone (I think the GPS kept losing it's signal- we were in the middle of nowhere with lots of trees).  I slowed down to fiddle with it and this older lady came up beside me and said, "Oh good, now I can catch up with you.".  We chatted for quite a while (and I will say she kept me from walking) and in the process I found out she was 81 years old and had been running since she was 46 with a 6 year pause due to the Peace Corps.  Oh, and she is a retired teacher.  I was blown away- I told her she was amazing and inspiring and she responded the same to me.  Just a very neat experience and when she slowed down a little I told her I was going ahead- she said go for it and have a great race!  There were several moments that kept me going when I wanted to walk.  When we hit the water stop on the way back (I do wish there had been one at the turn around) the group working the stop had their radio playing and it was playing one of my favorite songs- Overcomer by Mandisa :)  And then, on top of that- when I came through the ending I could hear that song playing again from the people who were helping put on the race.  Definitely needed those pick me ups.


After the race- I was limited on food choices (but that's all good) and as I waited on a friend to come in I ran into that inspiring "young" lady again and, again, she was encouraging and I was so disappointed I did not get my picture taken with her (I was tired and my body hurt so I was not thinking clearly).  I thoroughly enjoyed this race and hope to do it again next year!

Oh, and my official time on race #2 in 2014- I did my 10K in 1:16:37.  My realistic goal was 1:20 and my "wish" goal was 1:15.  Almost hit the wish goal… :)  


Caitlin H said...

Awesome job love!! I think the fact that we can meet so many interesting people and chat with them about their lives during a run is one of my favorite parts :)

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Love the report and the fact you DID NOT QUIT or give up along the way. I can't wait to hear how you finish the 1/2. Good time also. Love you

Betty Draper said...

What a sweet testimony of God sending encouragement your way as you ran your race. I am with your Dad, the important part is you did not quit. Love the part about the 90 some year old woman running the me hope.

Anonymous said...

Great job running your 10k! Looks like you're well on your way to where you want to be! And that's right, you should never say "just". You're running, and that's something that many people don't even put in the effort of doing!

Brooke said...

sorry we didn't have a chance to officially meet.