Monday, June 3, 2013

Final 5 by the 5th

My original goal was to run a race yesterday- a 5K to commemorate the year from when it hit me just how much I needed to begin this journey.  However, life took a strange turn with an unexpected trip out of town (just for vacation but the original plan brought the vacation to me) so that didn't happen quite like I had planned.  So, instead, to commemorate the final month in the 5 by the 5th I decided to run a 5K route from my sister's house.  I didn't know the route well, and it was hot, so my time was a bit slower than normal but it was completed and I felt good upon finishing!  The biggest difference between central Ohio and East TN?  The elevation!!!  In TN it's nothing to have differences of up to 400 ft.  39/49 ft were the most of a difference in elevation that I dealt with :)  Flat, flat, flat... :)

So- what have I learned through this running journey?

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and this:
Source: via Tami on Pinterest

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Caitlin H said...

Beautiful things to realize, love :) I hear you on the OH thing too of my running girls is from OH, and she always complains about the hills in Pittsburgh haha...guess they don't exist out there :P