Friday, April 12, 2013

13 Lessons in 13.1 Miles (Part 3)

Part 1 can be found here and part 2 can be found here. Today's lessons are going to be a bit more "personal"

9. The run itself- I am not fast, I never have been, I never will be.  I have never claimed to be the swiftest and that's why a couple of weeks ago coming in 3rd in my age group was a huge deal because it will not happen again.  However, when I am running- I can't help but feel like Eric Liddell- that when I run I feel His pleasure.  I know that, in an odd way, I am on the journey He has placed me.  It doesn't always make sense and I often struggle with endurance (something I will work on) BUT it's MY journey and nobody can take that away from me. 

10.  The Volunteers- The amount of time it takes to organize and man this race is massive!  Jason Altman (who was in charge of this one) did an amazing job!  He worked tirelessly to complete the tasks to make this a great race.  I know the interview they did with him after the post-race parties he mentioned the picking up of all the materials used, the trash along the way, and even the portapotties that were located to make life easier ;) LOL Thank You!  Thank you! Thank you!

11. Dreams- 13 miles is a long time to run/walk (and I can't even imagine the 26...).  During this race- I saw dreams dreamed and dreams fulfilled.  I experienced the thrill of "victory" and the saw people who gave it their all.  I watched people finish and in doing so, were able to say that they are in the midst of their dream.  I was in the midst of one of my dreams.  My dad wrote about Heroes the other day- while I think that we all have heroes- I saw lots the other day!  Simply put- I saw people really living their life to the best of their ability and in their own speed! :)

12.  The Finish Line- Crossing that finish line was such an amazing feeling and I couldn't help but think of hearing at that final finish line- well done, my good and faithful servant.  If that's how I feel crossing a physical spiritual line after a body-wearying race- how much more amazing will it be to cross that spiritual finish line???  WOW- just the thought!

13.  The Post-race feeling- I am not even sure how to describe it.  I just know that I teared up several times throughout the race and at the end.  BUT, the tears flowed when I got home and had a chance to process EVERYTHING- from the run itself, to my personal victory, to the support of others- in person and on Facebook.  My cup overflows... and I will NEVER take that for granted.  As I said- I may not be the fastest but I am on MY journey that God has placed me on.  It will be a wild ride at times but SO worth it! ;)

And there you have it- 13 lessons in 13 miles.  I hope you enjoyed the series! I have a different post for the weekend (just some information) and then next week- who knows ;)

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Flaming June said...

I had seen Chariots of Fire many years ago, but had no idea who Eric Liddell was until just now (Google is an awesome thing ha!) I love this quote! Thanks for sharing.

LetsTalkAndWalk said...

loved all 13 of your lessons! i admire everyone who gets out there and does a half or a full. i don't DRIVE 13.1 miles a day on average. i cannot imagine running (or walking) them. congrats again on your fabulous accomplishment!!!!

Tami said...

FJ- I watched it 20 years ago at my orientation weekend at college- I might have to try to find it to watch again :)

Tami said...

Glenneth- thanks! I NEVER would have imagined I could have done it- now I know that I can!

Autumn in July said...

It's so true, the emotions involved in completing something you worked so tirelessly for and stressed out about is such an amazing feeling. It's indescribable!

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Said it before and will say it again: you have no idea how proud I am of you. This was a phenomenal accomplishment, especially for someone so light-a-foot. :) I hope the others read what I wrote about you. That will tell it all. Love you much.

Alicia Curley said...

These have all been awesome, Tami. Thank you for giving reminders to all of us runners out there to take in the full experience and appreciate all the aspects! There's so much to love, appreciate and be thankful for about running.

Kate Scott said...

Love all of these--there is so much running teaches us!