Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Outlook, New Tickers!

We'll start by saying Happy New Year to all of you! I don't even know if anyone reads this or if I'm talking to myself (which is okay I guess in this forum). If you do read this just briefly comment on this post- it will give me an idea of who is on the journey with me. I'm starting off this new year with a new outlook- I started the trek to this new outlook several weeks ago and I have started. I'm going to go back to posting what my daily menu has looked like, recipes I have tried and liked, pictures of recipes, answering questions (if anyone has them), posting articles and links to articles as I read them, etc. The one thing I won't be posting is a "before" picture of me. I have one in my face on a friend's Facebook account and I'm ready to get beyond that. I will post an after pic when I reach my goal. New tickers. I adjusted my weight ticker to reflect where I am starting because I gained and gained more than I lost previously. So, in an effort at honesty I am starting there. I even bought a new scale (The Biggest Loser scale with a free sample dvd) that does tenths of pounds (which I need). My scale at the top- I am looking at 500 minutes of exercise. When I reach that I'll start all over again. For every 500 minutes of exercise I am going to "reward" myself. Probably with a new movie, new something- anything BUT food. I figure if I can get 100 minutes of exercise a week

Food Log for 1/1/08
Breakfast- 2 large eggs- scrambled with an ounce of cheese
Lunch- Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken filet (without bun), side salad w/1 tbs of ranch dressing
snack- 1 ounce of almonds (app. 20)
Dinner- 2 turkey burgers with 2% cheese (no bun), green beans with I can't Believe it's not butter spray
Beverages- Water- as of 6:30- I have had about 75 ounces (I have about 5 ounces left in the bottle I am drinking) and one 12 ounce bottle of Diet Mtn. Dew


jgod said...

Congrats on making a lifestyle change! I'm starting tommorrow...we had a big New Year's Day dinner today at my mother's...so tomorrow is my DAY 1. I look forward to reading about your journey!

grandmascraps said...

I am late starting, I will get on the stick tomorrow. I like the new tickers, I think it is a good idea I will change up mine too. Congrats on your good start. Please keep me on track, I need the push to keep me going. Gail