Saturday, December 31, 2016

Balance- a Word, a Lifestyle

This week I sat down and was trying to pinpoint my "word"/theme/goals for the year 2017.  I was conflicted- my word in 2013 was persevere, my word in 2014 was LIVE, and my word for 2015 was Trust.  I didn't have a word for 2016- honestly, I wouldn't have lived up to it even if I did.  It's funny though because the years I had a word, I lived them out so with that in mind I am going with Balance as my "word" for the year.

I had though about "more" based on these two photos I found on Pinterest and the fact that I want to live MORE-
image found here

I want to live with more faith, more giving, more love, more trust, more kindness but then someone mentioned there word was focus and my mind immediately went to balance and I knew that had to be my word.  I have been saying over and over that my goal for this school year is balance but I never put it down in words, on paper (or in my own little permanent journal space here) but I do know that I haven't lived it.  So- I am going to come up with ways to keep my life balanced, focused, and on point so that I can do more (see I am going to try to tie them together)

So I went on another pinterest hunt and with that found this- and while reading it, I found myself saying- Yes, this- this is what I am wanting, what I am craving, what I think God is calling me to.

I also found a "balance wheel" that I think I am going to try to create one that is specific to me and when I do I will post it here.  Needless to say this will be about balance in all areas of my life.  I would.  I also found this cool New You for the New Year graphic that I am going to take and tweak and try, again, to create my own (but it may just be on paper instead of a fancy graphic).  Last night I made a few scrapbook pages to start chronicling my journey on paper to help keep me focused and motivated.

So- all that to say- Balance is my word.  My plan is to come up with a post once a week that keeps me accountable in my quest for balance.