Saturday, April 30, 2016

Things I love- April

I have seen several posts on my FB feed (because let's face it I haven't been to my bloglovin' page in weeks because of time) that have a monthly- things I love post.  That's my plan for this post- just something fun and to get me posting again.  I have been ruminating on some thoughts lately and just need to journal them all out before I make a post about them.  So here goes:

My April Top 10 (if I can come up with that many and not in any particular order!)

1. God's Not Dead 2- I went and saw this in our local theater last weekend (and as a side note- I love this theater- I watched the work in progress when I would come home on breaks and run down this street).  As a teacher and as a Christ-follower this movie was one that I have wanted to see when I first saw the trailer (we won't mention the movie where I saw the trailer because that was one of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen).  Anyway- it struck a nerve with me, several nerves in fact.  It's had me thinking all day long and pondering my life.  Am I making an impact?  Am I leaving any kind of legacy?  Am I living my life in such a way that I would stand for truth without blinking an eye?  This quote from the movie really stuck out to me and it is my new "battle cry" (for lack of a better word)

If you have the chance to see the movie- I highly recommend it- and stay all the way to the end of credits...

2. This song- which was part of the movie- I am a big Newsboys fan- and even more so with Michael Tait (since I was a huge DC Talk fan for years!)

I understand this may not be everyone's cup of tea but it goes along with all that I have been asking myself.

3. LuLaRoe- if you haven't been introduced to it just tell me and I'll hook you up.  If you have- well then you know what I mean.  I think I have spent more money on clothes since February than I did all of last year.  As a teacher they are perfect for the classroom because they are comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and comparable in cost to buying in the store (plus I don't have to go to the store).  The patterns are totally out of my norm and if I were at the store I probably would have passed them by but I took a HUGE step out of my comfort zone to try them and love it- I actually feel more confident in myself wearing them. I am actually having an online party on May 14th.  If you want to join in then check out this LLR page; Abby Franklin

4. The sunshine and blue skies.  Yes, it has rained a bit here, yes, we had a tornado warning with one spotted not far from the house but we have had outdoor recess more often than not lately.  I am just glad I don't have to wear the heavy winter coat anymore (this makes me want to move further south than Knoxville... If only the family were closer).

5.  It's BASEBALL season.  My Braves... well, I knew it was going to be a LONG season (didn't realize just HOW long though) but I will keep cheering them on!

6. Back to 5K's.  I did a 5K locally a few weeks ago- that one was a bit ridiculous because at the beginning of April it was a feels like of 18 and there were thousands of people there.  I started to think I was crazy :) LOL!  Today I did another one that was even more local and at the state park.  It was cool (about 55) and rainy (at one point it was torrential downpour.  Lots of rolling hills and one big hill toward the end (more on that in another number for the month).  Lots of encouragement from people I don't know!  It was a smaller race (don't know how much the rain factored in) but I loved it!  I have been slowly chipping away at my time and being able to get back into running at least twice a week has helped.  I finished today right about 40 minutes.  That was 2 minutes off my last 5K time and the fastest it has been in about 2 years (since before sinus surgery).

7. McCormick's Creek State Park.  This is the local state park (about 2-3 miles from the house) and where the race was this morning.  This year is the 100th year for the park which was the first state park in the state of Indiana.  It has several trails and one of my goals for this year is to hike every single trail at least once.  I ended up buying a pass so that gives me an incentive to use it.  I also hope to do quite a bit of running there.  The scenery is gorgeous, the road through the park is well paved, and the hills should get me ready for a 10K in Brown County State Park in November and eventually the half I want to go back to Knoxville to do (that last hill is about as long as Noelton- not quite as steep but will help with the hill training for sure!).

8. & 9.  My new shirts!  Love these- the pink and gray a friend made for me and the yellow one I won with a challenge on a Fitbit group I was part of on FB

and 10. This graphic sums it all up!