Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sunday Inspiration- Oh Wait- it's Wednesday

**If you got this twice- I posted prematurely so I deleted and prepped it again!

Seriously- the days, the weeks, the months are flying by!  We are halfway through the month of April and as of the writing of this post (on Tuesday night) we only 26.5 more days of school with students- WHAT?!?  I think it feels a little surreal because I have been off the last 6 days- Thursday I had a dr appt, Friday I took a personal day to travel to Atlanta (more on that in another blog post), Saturday and Sunday (obvious).  Anyway, Sunday as I was traveling back I noticed that I had a swollen and extremely tender lymph node/gland under my left jaw in my neck.  By Sunday evening I was running a fever over 100.  It went down to 99.4 on Monday morning but I decided to call off and go to the dr instead.  It's a good thing too- they did a rapid strep- negative, they swabbed to send for a more thorough strep, and did a test for mono (negative).  When I went to pick up the antibiotic I just started feeling worse- by the time I got home my temp had climbed back up over 101 and eventually hit 102.3.  I haven't had a temp that high in I don't know how long!  When I woke up this morning (Tuesday) the fever was gone but I felt like I was swallowing glass.  To this moment- that's still how I feel.  I have eaten things that slide down the throat and that I don't have to swallow, I still have a swollen and tender (hurting) gland but no fever so work will go on tomorrow!  God obviously wanted me to slow down!

In other news I have no cable so I can't watch my beloved Braves, Criminal Minds, or any other number of reruns that I got hooked on over our snow-cation.  I have been doing some reading, playing some mindless iPad games, and packing (but not as much nor as quickly as I should- that will change SOON- as soon as my body stops rebelling).  I have applied for a couple of non-teaching jobs and am still in the process of the licensure (being sick put a hold on a few things).  With that being said, this song has come up several times in my playlist- running and traveling and each time it just resonates deep with me- I think- because the bottom line of the song is about TRUST!

"Anything that I got the strength to do
In over my head keeps me countin' on You
I'm leaving the sweet spot, sure shot
Tradin' it all for the plans You got
Is it so crazy to believe"

Then I read this- Enough

Steps of faith- as tiny as they are- are still steps of faith!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

AD- Food- Diet-to Go

*I received 5 days worth of food in exchange for a review.  I also will receive compensation for clicks through my link and sales purchased with my link/code.  All opinions are my own.

A couple of years ago I was given the opportunity  to become and ambassador and review a food delivery service called Diet-to-Go.  Through the past year they have undergone some changes (significant) and "re-invented" their ambassador program.  I received this food back in February right in the midst of all of our crazy weather and then some travel and life got in the way.  I ate the food and took pictures but didn't have a chance to sit down and write the review until tonight.  First things first, I have not finished all of the meals- I actually did that deliberately- we are coming up on the end of the school year and my moving time so I am trying to make sure of two things 1) I eat at home and 2) I eat what is in my freezer/fridge.  Since these are still in my freezer it fits both of those- so you may actually even get another review in a few weeks :)

I went with the Low-Carb meals this team- in the past I went with the traditional/low-fat but this time I wanted to have less bread.  They really worked with me to make sure I didn't have two of my BIG kidney stone triggers and made substitutions based on that.

Some quick notes about the service now- they have changed their packaging- I love their new packaging.  I'll be honest- I can't remember what the old one looked like (it has been a couple of years ago) but this new packaging is much easier to open, more visually appealing and just looks "clean".  They also have hired various nutritionists, dietitians, and health coaches to help create the meals and there are lots more that they have done within the past year.  With that being said- here's a photo collage of a few of the meals and my thoughts:

From the top and going clockwise:
This was the beef tips- I will be honest- I am not a huge fan of beef cooked this way but this was really good and very tender.  And, as a bonus- I have tried asparagus before and not been a fan- I tried it again with this meal and REALLY liked it.  It's even been roasted since then.

Breakfast-  sausage and eggs.  These are also both good-however I LOVE both of these foods so I don't think you can go wrong (and if I remember correctly I ate breakfast for dinner here) :)

This one- for the life of me I can't remember what it is- I do know that I liked the entree and the green beans.  I believe this one also had artichokes in it.

Tuna Salad and mixed veggies- I am picky about my tuna salad- this was pretty tasty- it had something added to it that gave it a kick and the veggies were good too- I just had to remember to remove the tuna salad before I heated up the veggies ;)

Another breakfast for dinner- pork chop, eggs, green beans and canadian bacon- this turned out much better than I anticipated- all the flavors meshed well.

Omelet and sausage (I can't remember if it's turkey sausage or not)- this was good also!  I did this one on a weekend but if I had done it for dinner I would have just grabbed some veggies to add in with it and would have had a good meal.  (this did have cheese inside the omelet).

All in all- so far- my experience with the new DTG has been phenomenal.  My delivery was delayed a day due to weather and I let them know that- they reached out to me to make sure all of the meals were still okay.  I did "lose" one meal (an alfredo chicken with broccoli) that I was REALLY looking forward to but the power went out (for the fourth time in a week) while it was in the oven.

If you want to check them out you can click here: Diet to Go (this is an affiliate link).  And a code for you to use if you choose to give it a try is: DTGA125 that code will give you 25% off!