Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Been a LONG time!

WOW- it's been a super long time- I need to get this up and going again- I need the accountability that even though more than likely there is noone out there reading this- I need the incentive just in case :) So, here we go- I have hired a trainer who will spend 4 weeks (or more if I choose) working to help me make better choices. I'm trying and hoping to see results- my big thing is my food and making it all work- I need to be better about recording my food choices- I did really well the first time I did that here so I am going to work on that again and see if it helps at all.

This morning I did do my circuit that my trainer has me doing and then tonight I'm heading to Zumba :) Off to take a shower and then eat some breakfast...